How To Enjoy Quad Bike in Dubai

How To Enjoy Quad Bike in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai is the best place to be visited once in life, it offers a lot of fun activities which includes QUAD BIKE DUBAI ,so what are you waiting for! Enjoy the QUAID BIKE DUBAI experience and ride through the ever changing dunes of sand. You can enjoy the quad within the track or outside the track as well you will be having the unforgettable experience during  your drive in the desert sand and our professional staff will be there to help you out and will guide you in the best possible way.

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destination in the world, it has been established so well that it is first ranked when it comes to tourism. If you really wanted to go back to the time in the tranquility of nature, the SAFARI DESERT DUBAI is the best choice for you to go and make your trip worth the money.

QUAD BIKE DUBAI is almost similar than the desert safari but it give a lot more enjoyment, what you have to do is that, you’ll simply just have to hire your own vehicle and can fight the dunes. It’s a bit costly but absolutely worth the money, it is mostly suitable for adrenaline junkies. If you visit Dubai without going on safari desert you won’t be able to cherish the best time of your life.

Packages includes

  • Engine CC: 250 CC
  • For 30 minutes
  • Adult price 375
  • Child price 375
  • Also you check another below options for quad bike and make quiry.


150 CC 225 AED 275 AED 425 AED
250 CC 275 AED 375 AED 625 AED
450 CC 325 AED 425 AED 725 AED
700 CC 425 AED 525 AED 925 AED



  • Pick up 09:30 AM
  • Drop off 12:00 PM


  • Pick up 03:30 PM
  • Drop off 06:00 PM

Terms & Conditions

  • Package includes Pick up and drop off
  • All equipment will be provided on board
  • Minimum age should be 7 years and accompanied with adult
  • The Price is based on 1 Hour duration.
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