Historical Bastakiya – To witness an Intriguing Version of Old Dubai Tour

Al Bastakiya

Historical Bastakiya – To witness an Intriguing Version of the Old Dubai Tour

The Bastikya is a neighborhood in Dubai. It is under monument protection and is located in the United Arab Emirates. Bastikya is a listed building and home to the Al Fahidi Fort, one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. Since many residents of Al Bastakiya come from Iran and are Sunni Arabs, the place was named after the city ​​of Bastak. In 1890, the town was founded. And traditionally, the city was inhabited by wealthy citizens. Over the following years, many wealthy families moved to other parts of the city and were replaced by more impoverished families.

About Bastikya and its rich excursion

The district began to be built at the beginning of the nineteenth century. And it received its name in honor of the merchants who moved here from Bastak (an area in Iran). This place has wind towers. The purpose of this is to ventilate and condition the rooms. These towers catch the wind and send it to living rooms, improving harsh climatic conditions.

Artists’ quarter

In the past decades, the demolition was often planned, but could always be postponed. It is said that when he visited Dubai in the 1990s, Prince Charles learned About Historical Bastakiya, which should be demolished. Because of this, he intervened with the sheik. And he managed to ensure that this quarter was not exposed to demolition. In 2005 a plan was drawn up by the city administration to restore the historic streets and buildings. In the meantime, the Bastakiya district has become an artists’ quarter, and exhibitions in galleries and its cultural center have developed positively.


It is located on the Bur Dubai side of Dubai Creek. A few minutes from the Dubai Museum. Here you can see the origin of Dubai with old houses and wind towers. The buildings are still very well preserved and survived the building boom in Dubai. Otherwise, the buildings would probably have been demolished, and a shopping mall or skyscraper built. Wind towers are prevalent in older Dubai buildings. These not only look good, but they also have a new purpose. These are used to capture cooler air from outside, and then blow the warmer air out. It no longer exists today, and the air conditioning system has replaced the wind towers. The Arabs were very resourceful and had natural air conditioning in the past.

You can even take a look at some of the houses. And see how people in Dubai used to live. Tradition is significant in Dubai. There is also a local house restaurant where you can try Arabic cuisine. If you are already on the Bur Dubai side, you can also take a look at the Bur Dubai Souk. There are many ways to buy a souvenir for those who stayed at home. If you parked on the Deira side, you could drive over the Dubai Creek with an Abra water taxi. This only costs a few dirhams.

A walk through Bastakiya

Bastakiya covers an area of ​​old houses with interior courtyards that have been renovated to show the splendor of times. On the narrow streets of the neighborhood are the early wind pickups. It’s a unique system that channeled the air from the houses to refresh them. The ostentatious old homes of wealthy merchants are now shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes that complete the neighborhood’s pleasant space, making it a real pleasure to get lost in its quiet streets.

Cultural visits

You can witness the Emirati culture in Bastakiya during City Sightseeing Dubai. It is named after Sheikh Mohammed – Sheikh Mohamed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The tours allow you to visit Bastakiya, the Jumeirah Mosque, and the markets or enjoy a tea with typical sweets while revealing some interesting details about the city. Being one of the oldest regions in Dubai, Bastakiya has a lot to offer. A space that has stopped in time where you can still enjoy the traditional Emirate atmosphere as if we were in the early 19th century.

Get set ready and go to Historical Bastakiya

If you wish to see something really intriguing with an interesting past intact with it. This amazing and significant part of Dubai attractions is meant for every age group, who are keen to see historical Dubai and feel the essence of the rich culture of Arabic people. This trip is going to be memorable for the families, friends, or even solo traveler as there is so much to explore. This place is ideal for the bloggers and they can dig deeper into the history and ancient times of Dubai to present it uniquely via their blog. So, plan historical excursions effectively and manage your time well to have a good time at this great built attraction in Dubai.

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