How To Become a Travel Agent?

How To Become a Travel Agent

How To Become a Travel Agent?

Today, the United Arab Emirates is that the very talked-about traveler destination.  However, the foremost vital side is that the govt. of the UAE makes efforts for the event of the travel and tourism industry. The mixture of these factors makes the jurisdiction enticing for the running of the traveler business. It is very significant to know how to become a travel agent in Dubai.

Importantly, in a flexible company, the tolerance of the native population, qualified personnel creates the Emirates the right place for a gap in an agency. After all, there are good conditions for a resort vacation. An year-round favorable climate, azure coast, ancient discipline monuments, and gorgeous fashionable buildings can be seen.

The very first step

Firstly, one should acquire the relevant license to hold out any quiet entrepreneurial activities. Above all, it’s usually accepted to tell apart 2 varieties of state licenses among the foremost well-liked business areas during this trade. Let’s contemplate every one of them individually.

The operator of inward and outgoing touristy:

This type of license for the organization of the outgoing traveler visits, services, and tours inside the country, as well as international conferences and specialized exhibitions.

After that, you need to submit the subsequent set of documents to the registration authority to get the business license. These include application, stuffed in due form, copy of the foreign passport,  a certificate that approves the skilled qualification, clean list certificate concerning the owner and manager of a company.

Marketing strategies to run the business of a travel agent 

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Travel Agent

Travel agents in Dubai give visa support, holiday accommodation, and organize guided tours. The agent is that the supplier that secures the tourist operators the implementation of their tours. The documents remain the same with some additions. The agents can give the letter of approval on behalf of the Department of civil aviation of the Emirates. In other words, obtaining this letter is an extended and tough procedure.


For instance, an agency needs adequate monetary resources from a thousand dollars and the obligatory presence of a certified manager with relevant professional certificates. The travel agencies have the possibility to fancy smart profits.


Consequently, it’s quite simple to open an agency within the UAE as a result of this market section is strictly regulated. After that, you can invariably use the services of specialized corporations. However, it’s rather more economical to entrust the work to develop your own business concepts and plans.

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