An Exciting Excursion to the Dubai Museum and its Heritage!

Dubai Museum

An Exciting Excursion to the Dubai Museum and its Heritage!

There are two leading historical museums in Dubai, and there is some “separation of duties” between them. The museum at Fort Al Fahidi shows life in Dubai before the formation of the state of the UAE, and until the oil age. The Etihad Museum in the Jumeirah region is dedicated to the structure of the UAE and the country’s evolution in the new era. If you like history, it is best to visit both of these museums and know something About the Dubai Museum.

Short Description About this amazing and knowledgeable place in Dubai

The fort was built in 1797 as a defensive structure on the outskirts of the city, at the same time serving as the emir’s residence. Later in 1896, the emirs moved to a separate home next door (emir sofa), and the fort became an arsenal, then a prison. In 1971, the fort became a museum of the history of Dubai.

Al-Fahidi Fort is now the oldest surviving building in Dubai. The late Sheikh Rashid Ibn Saeed Al-Maktoum wanted to preserve the memory of the traditions of life in Dubai before the oil age. He chose the fort as a place to maintain traditions.

It has a complete 4000 square meters of exhibition area. The exposition is conditionally divided into nine sections. Almost the entire exhibit is located in the underground premises of the fort, where once there was an arsenal.

Be sure to look in the courtyard of the fort, a traditional Arish house. It was built entirely from palm leaves. It is not a miserable hut, but a real home with several rooms and a wind intake system for ventilation.

You can see women are wearing a golden mask. The origin of these masks is unknown. Probably they were borrowed by the Gulf Arabs from India in the 18th century. In the old days, these masks were a mandatory part of women’s attire, even in everyday life.

Entry price

  • Regular ticket (from 6 years) – 3 dirhams.
  • Children’s ticket (up to 6 years) – 1 dirham.

Opening hours

  • On all days except Friday – from 8-30 to 20-30.
  • On Friday (day off in the UAE) – from 14-30 to 20-30.
  • In the month of Ramadan: On all days except Friday – from 10-00 to 17-00. Friday is a day off.

There are two options to avoid crowds. First, come early. Second – skip the tour group forward. They don’t stay in the museum for a long time, and they have a schedule.

Where is it and how can you get there

Al Fahidi Fort is located in Bur Dubai, on the south bank of the Creek Canal. Further through the canal is the Deira area.

You can get from Deira by boat Abra, the price of the trip is 1 dirham. Of course, this method is convenient only if you are next to one of the marinas in Deira – Deira Old Souk Abra Station or Al Sabkha Abra Station. In other cases, it is better to take the subway.

Metro or bus– Previously, you had to get from the metro to the museum only on foot, but from October 20, 2019, they launched the F70 bus, which stops near the museum.

Metro or on foot– You need to get to the metro station “Al Fahidi” on the green (second) line. When you rise from the subway (underground station), you will find yourself at a big intersection. It would help if you went to the northeast, towards the Creek Canal.

Walking distance– walk 600 meters to the roundabout. At the roundabout, turn left, and after 250 meters, you will see a fort. You can’t mix it up with anything, at the intersection, there is a large boat.

Taxi-You can take a taxi from the BurJuman or Al Farida metro stations. The trip in both cases will cost 12 dirhams (the minimum price for a taxi ride in Dubai). It is much easier to find a taxi there.

Plan a visit to Dubai Museum

Skimping on this historical place is something that you should choose while Dubai Tours as a tourist or being a resident in this dream city. Pack your bags and get some great pieces of information and get amazed by the beauty of this outstanding infrastructure in Dubai. This is one of the finest places to witness the blend of old and modern Dubai and indeed, your whole family can enjoy such a trip to the Dubai Museum. We are sure you are intrigued and wish to give this interesting place a closer look very soon. Good luck with your upcoming trip. For more detail visit

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