Don’t Forget To Visit These Places On Your Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City is the best tour among all

Don’t Forget To Visit These Places On Your Abu Dhabi City Tour

An Introduction to Abu Dhabi City tour

It is the capital city. Abu Dhabi is a well-ordered, industrious city with a pretty waterside location for tourists to visit on Abu Dhabi City tour.

It was first inhabited back in time by the nomadic Bani Yas tribe in 1760. The small settlement remained a small fishing village, that was until oil was discovered here. All the revenues that were made from the oil have transformed Abu Dhabi into the bustling city it is today! From the high infrastructure to the malls and high rises. Tourism and Oil have made this city thrive.

The Al Ain Place Museum

Like other forts, this historical fort has also been transformed into a museum. The palace was built in 1937. It once served as the residence to the late Sheikh Zayed and his family and which became one of the prominent tourist places for Abu Dhabi City tour after it was opened to the public as a museum in the year 2001. 

The museum has beautiful traditional architecture and is a great place to visit if you want to learn about the royal family’s lifestyle and political reformations in the region in the 20th century.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It is also a wide margin the most prominent touring fascination in the city for tourists on Abu Dhabi City tour. The mosque joins together Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid design components to make an amicable and altogether present-day mosque that observes Islamic design.

Artisans utilized glass-work, mind perplexing carvings, and mosaic tiling. This is to make a breathtaking impact on both the inside and outside of the mosque. It was opened in 2007 after about 20 years of development. Ready to hold 40,000 people at a time. It is definitely a sight to see on your Abu Dhabi City tour. 

Car Museum

Not everything in Abu Dhabi Tour is about the sophistication of the future. As its name suggests, Classic Car Museum is a car museum where you can find a wide range of vintage and modified cars on display.

It is a must-visit the place on your Abu Dhabi City tour if you are passionate about automobiles, especially the classic ones, because the place has restored some of the most prominent models from the past.

Marjan Aqua Park

Marjan Aqua Park is versatile in its character and offerings from exciting slides and rides to shallow pools and lazy river. Besides, there are options like boating and other water sports that will give your children a perfectly enthralling water park experience on this Abu Dhabi City tour.

The Women’s Handcraft Centre

You can find some really impressive handicrafts in Abu Dhabi City tour that represent the true Arabic traditions, and this handicraft is one of the best places for it. Women’s Handicraft Centre is an initiative to promote the local crafts and art of the region. 

There is also a small museum within the complex where some traditional artifacts are on display.

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