The only reason why Dubai is widely visited is that it has so many beautiful places to go to and enjoy every bit of your vacation and feel relaxed from your daily hectic schedules and work. Dubai is pleasingly beautiful to everyone’s eyes. it will attract your soul and will give you peace at heart once you are here for your holidays.

You can’t just exit Dubai without experiencing Desert Safari. The sight when you jump out of your car and stretch your legs while taking in the amazing desolate panoramic view, it feels like being on the moon.

Delicious breakfast at desert safari

Here, you will be welcomed by a true Bedouin before the desert safari. This will most probably be an uncommon cultural session, where you will find out about the traditional Bedouin lifestyle.

Now, I recommend you don’t miss out on the feast because it’s a rarity in Dubai’s all-too-cosmopolitan food scene – and it’s delicious.

A desert safari in Dubai is best for culture darlings. Since you can’t generally investigate the desert after dull, expect progressively customary social encounters like henna painting, belly dancing exhibitions, and smoking (water pipe, in case you’re so disposed) in the wake of taking in great dusk that lights the whole desert ablaze.

Fun loaded activities at desert safari:

In the event that you truly need to escape from human beings, remaining medium-term in a desert camp is a strange encounter that remains in particularly conspicuous difference to Dubai’s solid jungle. During the evening, the skies become animated with antiquated stars while you respect them from your immaterial spot on Earth. When you at last head back to the city, the world feels wide and loaded with potential outcomes once more.

When the cars start to slow down and congregate around a small valley surrounded by tunes. From this vantage point, you face West and soak with the impressive sunset.

Moreover, there are free soft drinks available and pre-dinner snacks like mini-shwarma wraps available at the main food tent. Other tents offer free henna tattoos and souvenirs for sale.

It’s an incredible method to find out about the causes of Emirati culture, have loads of donning fun, and furthermore loosen up in an uncommon landscape. Desert safari is nothing but an exciting, intriguing and a totally fantastic way to satiate in the local culture – and also you get the rare opportunity to see the desert first-hand.

With so many things to do in an environment where you want to be well taken care of, a desert safari is something I’d recommend to all visitors to Dubai/anywhere in the UAE.

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