(Overnight Package – 3) Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel (1 Night 1 Days)

  • Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise 3
  • Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise 2


Place yourself and tempt your taste buds with exceptional cuisine in the heart of Musandam’s most dynamic and lively city or seaside or Mountain, by booking a room at Khasab with us. We want you to be swept away on an exceptional adventure, punctuated by sensational moments that stay with you forever. With our famed Omani hospitality and our desire to go above and beyond, we set the scene for your memorable journey and cherished timeless memories.

Also this tour offering a Full Day Dhow Cruise to the Khor Sham fjord where the natural community of dolphins are welcoming you to the silence of sea and we do have two anchoring for snorkel and swimming near to the historical Telegraph Island also known as Jazīrat al Maqlab or Jazīrat Şaghīr and the Seebi Island. Swim and snorkel among the colorful sea life and under water life in Telegraph and Seebi is one of the best ways to make yourself happy in the present is to recall happy times from the past.