(Overnight Package – 1) Beach Camp & Full Day Dhow Cruise at Khasab

  • Beach Camp & Full Day Dhow Cruise at Khasab
  • Beach Camp & Full Day Dhow Cruise at Khasab2
  • Khasab-Musandam Day Cruise Excursion from UAE


Rates Valid from Oct 2018 Sep 2019 : AED 650 per person (Min 4Pax) / Transportation cost will be extra

Overnight Beach Camping is fun when you do it with your partner and close friends. It gives you plenty of restful sleep that also fixes your body’s circadian rhythm, thanks to the natural light sources around you. Camping may not be a glamorous activity, but that’s the beauty of it and our overnight Beach Camping with Dhow Cruise is a good way to fight the feeling of burnout. The program exposes you to sea and the wonders of nature. Our campground is in the perfect spot – right on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, surrounded by prime surfing
beaches, and a bit less touristy. The camp tent will have comfortable arrangements with delicious food, sleeping mattress, blankets, and cushions.

Also this tour offering a Full Day Dhow Cruise to the Khor Sham fjord where the natural community of dolphins are welcoming you to the silence of sea and we do have two anchoring for snorkel and swimming near to the historical Telegraph Island also known as Jazīrat al Maqlab or Jazīrat Şaghīr and the Seebi Island. Swim and snorkel among the colorful sea life and under water life in Telegraph and Seebi is one of the best ways to make yourself happy in the present is to recall happy times from the past.

Overnight Beach camp is fun and it becomes more fun with your partner and friends. It provides you lots of reposeful sleep that additionally fixes your body’s biological time, because of the natural light-weight sources around you. It exposes you to ocean and also the wonders of nature. Our encampment is within the good spot, right the bluffs commanding the ocean, encircled by prime surfboarding. The camp tent can have comfy arrangements with delicious food, sleeping pad, blankets, and cushions.

Khasab Musandam beach encampment with full day cruise. Dolphin looking, skin diving, swimming and exploring the breath taking Musandam fjords is simply a beginning of this nice trip on encampment in Musandam. You may get pleasure from BBQ dinner, breakfast, ancient Omani lunch on sailing vessel and enough refreshments. Explore the main points of Khasab Musandam beach encampment and reserve your seats for this audacious trip.

Looking for Khasab beach encampment with all facilities? We offer beach encampment with dhow cruise, BBQ dinner, lunch, breakfast and lots of refreshments in Khasab Musandam. Experience romantic night along with your friends and families on Khasab Musandam beach below the star filled sky on a distant area of Musandam dry land. Nightlong Khasab beach camp with full day dhow cruise is the best way to get a throw off from your hectic life. Get pleasure from a tremendous cruise experience with our ancient embellished Omani dhows where you will be able to sit well on Iranian cushions and carpets to get pleasure from the breath taking read of “Norway Of Arabia”


Khasab Musandam beach camp trip offers you to cruise on Musandam fjords on a historically embellished Omani boat in a very beach camp. Beach encampment and dhow cruise is a tremendous tour to get pleasure from the skin diving and swimming with dolphin looking on a conventional Omani Cruise. Throughout the trip where you are target hunting at each step by our workers. It is assured that you can get pleasure from each moment of your tour with our services.

Khasab Musandam beach camp with full day dhow cruise may be an amazing trip to require peace from the busy routine life and luxuriate in with family and friends with Musandam beach camp cruise on the Musandam fjords and luxuriate in the ocean water by sitting on a conventional Omani boat.

Khasab Musandam Beach camp package with nightlong encampment in beach similarly as full day dhow cruise into the fjords of Musandam. We tend to gather in the morning in Khasab and transfer to our ancient Omani dhow cruise for a full day dhow cruise to Telegraph Island, Seebi Island, Nadafi, Qanaha, Maqlab and Sham. Throughout this trip lunch is served on board. We tend to anchor at Telegraph Island and Seebi Island for Swimming and skin diving. By the evening we tend to come to the encampment beach at Seeb Al Gareeb, where we tend to transfer you from the dhow cruise to the powerboat to the campground. Sleeping baggage, tents, chairs, tables, electricity, fuel and water bag for bathing have all been organized for you. Music and beach volleyball, soccer and sporting goods are on the market for your amusement. Breakfast is provided you in subsequent morning. Timings is adjusted per your needs. overnight khasab for further details go to this link!