A visit to Fujairah city

Fujairah tour

A visit to Fujairah city

Are you planning your trip to the most splendid Fujairah city? Here is your complete guide about the visit to Fujairah.

There are so many places to visit in Fujairah City tour which; one of the most famous places is Fujairah Heritage Village, which is also the most ancient and historical museum in the country which will show you and also tell you about the brief history of the city and also its civilization because they have all kind of old stuff which were used by their ancestors till now. It is exhibited in this Fujairah Heritage Village.

Fujairah is calling the adventurous!

If you like adventurous stuff to do, here you are. Starting from scuba diving to swimming and bathing in sunbath, you get here all the Nicest Things. Travel enthusiasts can really invest themselves in exploring the Hajar Mountains, historical buildings, and the mesmerizing forts. Fujairah is the only emirate that is entirely mountainous. So if you need a break, then Fujairah should be at the top of your list. Fujairah has the most temperate weather because of the mountains. If you are an underwater enthusiast, then Al Aqah beach will make you happy for sure. In the Hajar Mountains wadis, one should never miss an opportunity to visit. Wadi Siji, Wadi Maidaq, and Wadi Ahm are the most beautiful among all the wadis.

Explore the Mosque, Museum, and the Markets at Fujairah

In the UAE Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the second largest. The prayer hall can accommodate many people at once. The beautiful white walls make it the significant landmarks of the city. Suppose you want to visit the museum then what can be a better option than the Fujairah Museum. The museum has the weaponry of bronze and iron. The bowl made up of the ostrich egg is one of the major attractions of the museum. If you are a shopping person, then Masafi is where you should go. It’s just amazing as you can get antiques as per your bargaining capabilities. The beautiful carpets and the earthenware have jaw-dropping beauty. But you can buy them all at reasonable rates and add value to your home. 

Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs at the Fujairah Hotels

There are many budget-friendly hotels available at Fujairah. For example, the Novotel Fujairah, Nour Arjaan Fujairah, and Fujairah all offer excellent hotels that too at affordable rates. The hotel interiors have Middle Eastern art. Also, one can view the mountains from their hotel room itself. The food is also marvelous. The hotels offer healthy Arabic food, mouthwatering seafood, desserts, burgers, the grilled kebabs. The delicious Chinese delicacies one should again try here. The vegetarians need not worry. A variety of juices and salads are readily available. The veg food is very delicious that one must not miss here.

Packs your bags for a dream trip to the Fujairah

So if you are looking for a never forgetting trip experience, anything can’t be better than the beautiful Fujairah. The tombs, the Wadis, the museums, and the bargain-friendly shopping market, you have it all here. It is a place that will satisfy your soul. A trip you will remember forever. Fujairah is a calm, serene place devoid of any noise from the busy city life. One can hardly compare with any other place in the world. So make your call and get ready for a trip to Fujairah. It is the city for the enthusiast, Travellers, shopping persons, explorers. Grab your chance to enjoy the wallet-friendly and fabulous vacation with your loved ones.

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