A trip of Fujairah tour the central economic sector of UAE 

Fujairah is famous for the perfect blend it offers between traditions and modernization. Fujairah is the largest city in the UAE. Here is a complete guide for your trip to the town.

It is famous just because of its fertility and proper rules and regulations system. They have a strict rule that the heights of the building will not exceed above 7 floors. It is the largest city in UAE, the fourth largest globally, and the second-largest city in Abu Dhabi. Fujairah city is well known just because of the combination of modern and pre-modern buildings.

Explore the incredible Fujairah

Fujairah is the commercial center of the emirates and is a well-organized city. The ancient museums attract tourists from all over the world and depict history and civilization. One can see the giant ostrich egg bowl and the Bronze Age antiques here in the Fujairah Museum. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the second-largest mosque, is worthy of a visit. The mosque has splendid architecture. The mosque is so big that one can compare it with three football pitches. The famous Al Hayl castle is another place that gives the traveler a lot to explore.

Another attractive place to visit in the Fujairah tour is the Fujairah heritage village. It is an inheritance-based attraction for tourists. It is a kind of museum that shows the history and has handmade ornaments, household items, old home models, and equipment used by the ancient peoples.

Relaxing Mountains and Beaches at Fujairah

We came across a whole lot of pollution in our day to life. But if you want a supplement of fresh air, then the Fujairah Mountains are best for you. The beautiful mountains and the valley are worth taking a look at in Fujairah. The Wadis of the Hazar Mountains can leave one speechless. The Wadi Siji, Wadi Ahm, and Wadi Maidaq are too eye-soothing and popular among travelers. The climate there is splendid.

Furthermore, if you love water, then scuba diving is all for you. One must visit the Al Aqah beach for a relaxing sunbath. Fujairah is a perfect combination of the mountains and the beaches.

 Satisfy your hunger pangs and shop at Exotic Markets in Fujairah

If you love food, then at Fujairah, you have a lot to experiment with food. Here the hotel offers food, all at very reasonable rates. The variety of food is enormous. One can start from the kebabs to the burgers. If one likes to eat healthily, then the juices and the salad will make your day for sure. The people who want to shop along with eating Fujairah are your ideal destination. The Friday market and the Masfi are the most famous. One can bargain in these markets as long as one wants. If you want to buy antiques for your home, the carpets and the earthenware, this is the place you should visit.

Make Wonderful Lifetime Memories at Fujairah

So if you want to enjoy a relaxing trip, nothing can be better than the Fujairah trip. You can plan for an exciting journey with your friends and family to Fujairah city. Visit the mesmerizing museum and the soul calming mosque. One can also do a lot of challenging activities like scuba diving. Then one can reach the mountains cycling also. Those who like to shop can get many antiques at very reasonable rates from the market. Fujairah is very economical, that is its very wallet-friendly city. Without splurging a lot, you can make a memorable holiday here in Fujairah. One will never regret holidaying here with their loved ones.

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