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Camel Ride allows you to experience the desert better than any other mode of transport.

The safari undertakings all leave from the local city and take globe-trotters out into the treat. Voyagers can choose from various choices from the Dubai Desert involvement. In view of the time accessible and precisely what the explorer wants to see every last one of these choices gives an incredible measure of time in the desert with the opportunity to take photographs, camels ride, appreciate cooking of Dubai and return securely towards the city.

Package includes

  • Pick up and drop off
  • 1-hour ride with the instructor
  • Dune Bashing in 4×4 (on demand)
  • Sand Boarding (on demand)

Pick up and drop off time depending on availability and demand

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  1. Daniel

    We visited desert safari in March and enjoyed Camel riding most. We were driven around by instructor. The service and organization were amazing. We would definitely suggest it to all our friends

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The morning desert safari is extremely a two hour trip into the desert that allows to play out some Dune slamming utilizing the visit guides. Hill slamming envelops riding down and up the rises inside the game utility vehicle as the guide bungles sand rises and navigates the thin edges. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to play out a quad bicycle works on the sand hills. The morning desert safari incorporates camel rides and the opportunity to go sand skiing or sand boarding along the marvelous sandhills from the desert.
The most well-known Camel Ride desert safari trip offered is certainly the night safari. Leaving the town at 4:00 p.m. the entire experience can keep going for 6 hours. Members ought to have the capacity to go hill slamming, go to a camel ranch and ride the camels, partake in quad biking whenever wanted and sand boarding. Time is taken at dusk so the visitors may take photos from the shocking desert nightfalls. Watching daylight set calmly on the hills from the desert is an encounter once in a while experience.


Camels ride that is called Ships of the Desert because of their influencing development is well-known methods for transport over the fruitless area. Understood for its capacity to travel immense separations, camels can stay alive for a considerable length of time without drinking or having a piece of sustenance, by putting away fat in their protuberances. For a very long time, the creature has been a man’s closest companion while he scanned for desert springs and settling places. Riding and appreciating such a forceful monster dependably gives the creeps however it is a similarly exciting ride.

Numerous camels ride desert safari administrators, offer camel ride to travelers who wish to see the desert scene at a lackadaisical speed. It isn’t actually a gutsy movement, however like somebody putting you to rest in a swinging lodging. Camel rides are constantly done in gatherings, called bands. So you will dependably have somebody causing trouble other than you. The entire troop is controlled by a talented camel herder, who will guarantee that the entire gathering appreciates the outing and achieves the goal securely. There is additionally a group of ponies to encourage the herder. When the convoy achieves the goal, travelers can ask for sand boarding, quad biking or some other discretionary desert movement. Something else, transport back to the inn or home in Dubai is orchestrated. Desert exercises like camel riding are one of the significant Dubai city exercises and are accessible promptly toward the beginning of the day or late at night to maintain a strategic distance from the cruel beams of the desert sun. Skyland Tourism the travel industry is likewise orchestrating this numerous sort of outings.

You must have experienced camel riding in your daily life I guess the experience that one gets of riding a camel in a desert is a whole new level experience. Camels and deserts are a perfect combination because I guess camels are made for desert environment only that means that the maximum fun and benefit you can get of this ride is in the deserts only. And is we talk about desert safari so I guess it is one of the best choices among all the deserts to go for camel riding.

Among a number of reasons behind Desert safari being famous camel riding is also one of the reasons among those. In our normal lives, we can get an experience of camel riding like at beaches or many other places but experiencing camel riding in a desert which one really cannot get in their normal routine. It is a kind of experience which can be said as once in a lifetime one. Like if you are planning to visit Dubai desert safari so please add camel riding as a part of this trip as well because you must not get such kind of experience every day.

What to expect from us?

Our guides are available there to guide you and once you are comfortable enough on the camel then only your ride will begin. We will guide you in such a way that you won’t be needing any further help and you will be able to ride it as if you are a professional.

Best Thing about Camel Riding?

It is a kind of ride on which you can ride slowly unlike other rides. Like for example in a quad bike ride, the speed is very high and you can ride it only after understanding the method of riding it in a detailed manner. While in a camel ride you don’t need any detailed understanding of how to ride it also the fact that you can ride it very calmly.
It is an hour ride. You will be picked and dropped at the timings you mentioned!

Experience of camel riding It is the most soothing experience one could get. Like while sitting on a camel you get to see the whole vastness of desert with a wider view. The camel walks slowly and gets to enjoy the softness of sand in a different way. The best thing is that you can also click some amazing pictures with these creatures to update your social media.

I guess now you have got an answer that why camel riding is a must try in your desert safari Dubai Trip.
So, what are you waiting for? Select the deal of your choice and enjoy the most of your desert safari trip because I guess everyone has a right to get the best traveling experiences in life.
Go on this link that is camel ride and select the best camel ride deal. We are known for the best deals for camel riding. Trust us once and I am sure you will go satisfied after the trip.

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