4 reasons why you are not losing weight on the keto diet

October 24, 2019

The keto diet is usually low in carbohydrates. Lately, this way of dieting has been increasingly practised and popularised among anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their health. A keto diet has been shown to not only improve health but to improve blood sugar levels as well.

To maximize the benefits of a keto diet, there are few things you should pay attention to. On the other hand, there are things which can prevent you from achieving the best results. Here are 4 reasons why you are not losing weight on the keto diet.

1.     Too many carbs

One of the main reasons why you do not lose weight is that you consume too many carbohydrates. To get into a state of ketosis, in which your body burns fat instead of glucose to get energy – carbohydrate levels need to be drastically reduced. More specifically, only 5% of total calories should come from carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate withdrawal is not an easy process at all, and it’s pretty normal to feel bad about getting used to the keto diet. However, to reach and maintain ketosis, carbohydrates must be reduced to the recommended intake.

2.     Malnutrition

No matter what diet it is, the key to any successful weight loss is a healthy and nutritious diet. Relying on processed foods can often result in extra pounds even if they are “keto” foods. Foods poor in nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants are often high in calories.

For optimal calorie and nutrient intake in each diet, rely on unprocessed foods such as eggs, fish, avocados and olive oil, as well as low-carb vegetables such as broccoli and other green vegetables.

3.     No supplements

We are all a bit enthusiastic when we start our new diet. Still, the speed at which we lose weight varies from person to person. Although the keto diet promises results for every person, the rate at which we lose weight can vary. Fortunately, there are ways to influence weight loss while on a keto diet.

Dietary supplements such as Ultra Fast Keto Boost can help in weight-reducing. This supplement boosts ketosis ensuring a better fat burn in a completely natural way. Ultra Fast Keto Boost contains beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is the first substrate that kicks the metabolic state of ketosis into action. So, with the help of this supplement, you can affect ketosis in your body in a completely natural way.

4.     Too many calories

To successfully lose excess weight, you need to burn fewer calories than you consume or burn excess calories by exercising. Many keto foods, such as avocados, olive oil, or nuts, contain high amounts of healthy fats, which means that they are a calorie, and it is important to control their daily intake. If you are consuming more calories than you are consuming, it is impossible to lose weight. By cutting out carbs, you will still feel better but the pounds will remain the same

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