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A fishing trip always tests your skills against some of the fastest and restless creatures of nature. The joy of catching one is unsurpassed.

If I say that Dubai has it all so I guess nobody will have any issue with it. Dubai is a city which has every activity. You think of an activity and then you thing about Dubai every time you are like oh Dubai has this activity too. The Government and the people in it has played a major role in making Dubai what it is right now. The Government of Dubai constructs a place of fun for people and the people there helps in maintaining that place, they keep it clean and protects that place from every sort of harmful activity. This is the reason why Dubai is this much developed today.

Same as this if we talk about the rivers here in Dubai. They are kept very clean by the responsible management. There are a lot of activities that can be done on the river. But the bests of all activity at the river is fishing.

How’s the Experience?

It is one of unique experience one could get at a river. Like it is a confidence boosting activity. Imagine how much fun and exciting it would be for you when you will be able to catch a fish by yourself. It is not a very big thing to be proud of but still the happiness and proudness you will feel after catching a fish would be of another level.

What to expect from us?

Skyland Tourism has the best experts for fishing who will guide you in such a manner that you will also become half an expert for doing fishing professionally.
Firstly you will be picked from your mentioned pickup location at the time you provided us with. This activity is mostly suitable in the evening. You will be dropped near the river. From there our fishing and boating experts will take you inside the boat. You will be provided with Fishing Equipment like bait, rods, hooks, and trawling rods. For your safety purposes safety equipment are there on every boats. Our deal cost includes insurance cost of you for safety. Our crew and the boat is also insured. After you are provided with all the equipment necessary for fishing then you will be given proper assistance for fishing. Once you will give us the symbol that you will be able to do it then only we will let you do fishing. After you are done fishing you will be served with light refreshment like tea, coffee or any soft drink of your choice.
This trip takes 4 hours. You will be dropped back to your hotel when you the duration ends.
Don’t wait too long, just go for it!

you have to go and select the deal for fishing of your choice. Select the time which is manageable for you. I am sure you won’t regret spending your money, as you will go satisfied after the trip! We have the cheapest prices on our deals.


Package Details

  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Fishing Equipment: Rods, Trawling Rods, Bait, Hooks and Weights are provided on board.
  • Safety Equipment: All boats are provided with safety equipment
  • Insurance: Boat, Crew and Guests are fully insured
  • Approval: Coast Guard Approved
  • Light Refreshments: Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks served on board

Exclusive 33 ft up to 8 persons

Exclusive 37 ft up to 10 persons

Exclusive 50 ft up to 16 persons

Exclusive 55 ft up to 22 persons

Exclusive 85 ft up to 37 persons

Terms & Conditions

  • Please carry your original passport or valid ID with you.
  • The yacht is on private basis, on sharing basis depends on availability
  • The duration of trip will be 4 hours
  • Cancellation before 24 hours will be no charge
  • 100 % Charge for no-shows or cancellations made on same time
  • All outdoor activities are depends on weather condition and may cancel without prior notice