Горный тур Хатта

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  • Горный тур Хатта
  • Оман Хатта
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  • Skyland туризм пустыня сафари
  • Оман Хатта


Хатта является 200 лет деревня, которая находится в грубой Хаджар гор. Хатта находится примерно в 115 км к востоку от города Дубай. Он имеет популярную деревню наследия, включает в себя две видные военные башни с 18-го века и Джума мечеть (построен в 1780), старейшее здание в Хатта.

После раннего отъезда на ПОЛНОПРИВОДНЫХ автомобилях, мы пройдемся по дороге, пока мы не достигнем гор. Там вы будете иметь авантюрный диск через скалистый пейзаж. Час или около того грубого вождения могут быть вознаграждены сцены великих и пейзаж, который окружает небольшие поселки и деревни глубоко в горах.

Позже вы можете посетить отреставрированный Форт Хатта XVI века. На обратном пути в Дубай мы останавливаемся на одном из тех популярных уличных рынков, где можно найти местные ковры и гончарные изделия.

Пакет включает

  • Скалистые пейзажи
  • Сафари на горах Хатта
  • Рынок ковров и керамики
  • Посещение Хаджар гор
  • Посетите деревню наследия Хатта
  • Посетите парк Хатта и почувствуйте панорамный вид, расположенный на высоком холме
  • Посетите плотину Хатта


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Are you thinking of visiting Dubai? It is leading traveler destination that incorporates a ton to supply. There are several recreational activities that you simply will relish. Dubai may be a nice town to go to with family as there is one thing for all ages. Mostly, folks visit this glorious town thanks to its monumental malls, semi synthetic island, lavish hotels, Desert safari and world’s tallest building. However, Dubai has several historical sites that you simply will see and apprehend additional regarding this stunning town. Hatta Mountain Tour is that the best thanks to last audacious trip. The Mountain offers a wide and breathless read which will leave you fascinated. This can be an excellent experience that you just might not have full-fledged before. Our skilled and consummate drivers can take you on a ride to form certain you have got an excellent time among the mountainous parcel. Have a glance at the Hatta Mountain tour deals that we provide for everybody.

Hatta is two hundred years previous village that is found within the rough Hajar Mountains. Hatta is regarding one hundred fifteen metric linear unit east of Dubai town. It is a well-liked Heritage Village, includes 2 distinguished military towers from the eighteenth century and also the Juma masjid (built in 1780), the oldest building in Hatta. After an early departure by 4X4 vehicles, we have a tendency to proceed on the road till we have a tendency to reach the mountains. There you may have a bold drive through the rocky landscape. An hour just about of rough driving will be rewarded by scenes of nice and beautiful landscape that is encompassing the tiny settlements and villages deep within the mountains. Later you will be able to take a visit to the restore sixteenth century Hatta Fort. On the manner back to Dubai we have a tendency to stop at one in every of those fashionable street markets, wherever you will be able to realize native carpets and potteries.


During the complete Hatta Mountain tour in Dubai there is a secured prospect to watch the desert life along with some of the Bedouin tents and grazing camels, an informal stop at the Market, wherever you may realize freshly plucked native fruits and vegetables. Additionally to memento, pots and carpets. Currently you will proceed any and you will leisurely travel through the native heritage village moreover because the Portuguese Fort, that was in-built the sixteen (16) century. In renovation of this historical place they used the identical materials as those used once originally engineered like mud, sandalwood, fodder and palm fronds, representing a fine instant of the Heritage of Dubai and therefore the United Arab Emirates.

One of the best place for all history lovers and art lovers. This can be an exquisite thanks to recognize additional regarding the history of port. The art and design of the village is astonishingly spectacular. The figurines within the village seems like real those who can leave you surprised. You will take image with the statues and build reminiscences that you just can treasure forever.

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