Aquarium Dubai Mall

Код: Аквариум (Дубай Молл)


Дубай аквариум и Подводный зоопарк есть все, чтобы сохранить всю семью счастливым.

Аквариум Дубай бак 10 000 000 литров, расположенный на первом этаже Дубай Молл, является крупнейшим приостановлено аквариума в мире.

Здесь обитают тысячи водных животных, в том числе более 140 видов. В этом резервуаре живут более 300 акул и лучей, в том числе самая большая коллекция песчаных тигровых акул в мире.

Посетители могут открыть для себя Главный танк аквариума, который составляет 51 метров в длину, 20 метров в ширину и 11 метров высотой.

Дубай аквариум и Подводный зоопарк – AED 120/27 евро

Тоннель аквариума
Подводный зоопарк

* Взрослые и дети (3 лет выше): 120 AED/27 евро каждый
* Дети до 3 лет бесплатно

In UAE Dubai is a city which is talked a lot about its popular beaches, deserts, luxurious lifestyle, malls and many more unique and beautiful places. The best thing about these places are that they are properly maintained by the Government of UAE and also by the people who reside here at Dubai. Dubai is also known for its unique malls. And if we see so Aquarium Dubai Mall can get listed in the unique mall type tanks of Dubai.

Want to explore one among the most important and most gorgeous aquariums within the world?
The Dubai marine museum tank of ten million liters, placed on the bottom floor of the Dubai Mall is that the largest suspended marine museum within the world.
It is home to thousands of aquatic animals, as well as over a hundred and forty species. Over three hundred sharks and rays board this reservoir, as well as the biggest assortment of Carcharias Taurus sharks within the world. 51 meters long, 20 meters wide and 11 meters high these are the measurements which visitors are able to discover when they visit this aquarium.

Underwater tank placed within the heart of Dubai and most notable mall grasp because of the Dubai Mall. The storage tank, placed within the Dubai Mall, showcases over three hundred species of marine animals, as well as sharks and rays.


Rising to the third floor of The Dubai Mall, the marine museum is home to one hundred forty species of ocean life and offers several unimaginable ways that to expertise the underwater world.

Stroll through a 48-metre tunnel, with the marine museum close you from overhead and around. It’s an entire fish-eye read, with Carcharias Taurus sharks and stingrays swimming overhead.

You can additionally take a glass-bottom boat tour, have an imaginary creature makeover, get wet in {an exceedingly snorkeling cage and even experience a gas tank to travel swimming with the sharks.

This underwater facility is one in all the foremost fascinating attractions in the city of Dubai, situated at the Dubai city Mall, the most important mall within the world, providing an unforgettable journey into ocean life. With capability to carry ten million liters of water, Dubai storage tank is one in all the most important indoor aquariums within the world and it illuminates the marvels of the Davy Jones, showcasing one in all the foremost numerous collections of aquatic life, situated simply on top of the storage tank.

Underwater facility brings guests up shut with penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish and many a lot. A desirable new addition at underwater facility is King Croc, thought to be nature’s rare development. A one in all the world’s largest reptiles – at over five meters long and deliberation an imposing 750 metric weight unit and. underwater facility frequently hosts innovative exhibits. One such exhibit, ‘UAE’s Night Creatures’ presents the experience of crepuscule within the desert as creatures of the dark.


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