Dubai a city of buildings is quite an exciting tourist spots that attracts a lot of tourists for its high-rise building which break through the sky, Not only that but Dubai also enjoys it’s advantage for having a desert right beside the corner. Dubai desert safari stays at top of the list when it comes to planning your travel in Dubai. Coming to Dubai and not visiting the warmth of the desert one cannot even imagine that can they? Dubai desert safari is a must tourist place that offers the thrill that you might be missing in your daily life. It’s a perfect place for the young enthusiastic adults to be part of such adventurous activity and experience what it feels like to ride a luxury heavy vehicle through the sand dunes. Your heart might just skip a beat while you experience such a breath-taking moment while you sit in the car making sure that you don’t leave the safety handle for even a minute. Dubai desert safari offers much more than that, it offers you too also ride to quad-bikes and the dirt bikes above the sand dunes and enjoy the warm air splashing through your face. It also makes sure that you are quite safe and enjoying your time.

After enjoying the amazing activities shortly when your hunger strikes do not hesitate in taking advantage of an outstanding feast that the Dubai desert safari has. Making sure they cater the needs of vegetarian and non-vegetarian and they have also added on special kid’s meals. You can also smoke your worries away with the famous Arabian sheesha that they have. With every meal it is quite important to make sure that the guest are kept entertained and are enjoying the cold night breezes. Dubai desert safari is most famous for its astonishing entertainment performances. The most exotic performance for the night is the belly-dancing which includes beautiful dancers in traditional Arabic attire who dance their way through the night. Apart from that the Dubai desert safari also has fire-dances and the most enchanted Tanoura dance which gasp the attention of the young ones due to its sparkly nature.

You can also experience the desert likes the same old days, ask for the camel tours that the Dubai desert safari has. Then you might be able to experience the desert in the most authentic and genuine way. Within forty to forty five minutes you will arrive at your destination camps and then will get a chance to benefit from the different stalls that the camp would have. Whether you want to enjoy the henna designs or just want to grab a quick souvenir Dubai desert safari has got you all covered. Later on you will be offered with welcome brewages with your choice of either hot or cold. Dubai desert safari understands the need of privacy that you might require when attending the camp with your families or your loved ones. Therefore you can easily book for separate canopies and enjoy the whole night safari experience or just a short day trip.

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