You really need to know what kind of desert is this. Because if you are coming to Dubai for your holiday. You can surely not miss this place which is a dream of thousands of place to visit and live every moment of it

Why desert safari Dubai is different from all? What it has to offer and make your trip most joyous and memorable one. Desert safari Dubai is not at all an ordinary one. There are so many fun and entertainment activities for you to enjoy with your families that will never make you regret spending money.

Desert safari Dubai in morning: how about waking up then coming to a desert you’ve always dreamt of seeing. Breathing under an open sky and walk on the silky bashing sand dunes then have the Arabian breakfast with your family and make it worthwhile, see the desert with a fascinating view. Sandy desert with hilly areas scorching sun rising every moment feeding in your brain

Desert safari Dubai in afternoon: let’s have a ride on the car and rush over the golden sand of the desert with help of a driver or capable guide for your safety purposes. And you can also have a joyous ride on the tall camels all roaming on the desert slowly steadily making people happy letting people sit and see the desert while enjoying a bumpy ride. These camels are extreme humble to the people around. The feel of every bit spend here on the desert is extreme sensational and a vibe that will give you peace from within

Desert safari Dubai in evening; have more fun in this desert by sitting near a campsite and a lit blazing bonfire and appreciate the vulnerable view. Also what yeah you will be seeing belly dancers dancing for you in the evening around the bonfire that will make you cheer they will make you  happy and will be extremely good and their dancing will make you live in the moment. These belly dancers have their own traditional way of making noise in front of the visitors.

Desert safari Dubai overnight: how about having a moment with your loved one under a dark starry night and make memories that you can cherish forever and feel like anything. The vibe will be indescribable and obviously a good one. Having the finest cuisines the Arabian food which is extra healthy and mouthwatering. The food is actually very tempting a taste you might not have in a million years and ever

Desert safari Dubai is literally worth spending money on and feel vulnerable and real also you’ll never regret coming here and coming here will make you feel that you should visit this place more often. Dubai has so many other fascinating place to go to and make your kids enjoy and happy. After visiting here you will surely have a feel that Dubai is worth spending money and time on

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