What to do in Dubai desert

What to do at Dubai desert

Dubai desert safari is situated at the famous Arabian Desert which hides all the mysteries and tales that we have heard during our childhood. Who knew that you could also experience something very similar to all those tales that you have heard. In order to explore the Dubai desert safari the best way is to book you a Dubai desert safari tour and then experience the beauty of the desert. We will be mentioning all the fun activities that you shall be doing while you are in the Dubai desert:

  1. The land-cruiser drive: the first thing that you might experience as you enter the desert after being picked up from your location might be cruising over the sand dunes. This is one of the far most thrilling activities of the whole Dubai desert safari. During this activity, you might feel that your heart just skipped a beat but don’t worry you would enjoy every bit of it. Your stomach would feel all the butterflies going up and down with the movement of the car and you would also feel dizzy so make sure you carry your medicines if you have motion sickness.
  • Quad-bikes, three-wheelers, and sandboarding:  the second thing you might want to experience is renting out these vehicles so that you can ride yourself through the slithering sand dunes which would be so fun and exciting. You would have to pay some extra bucks in order to enjoy this activity which is totally worth it.
  • Dubai desert safari camps: the Dubai desert safari camps are amazing spots where you can rest and enjoy the rest of Dubai desert safari activities. These camps would be set up in a traditional way and they will have a number of stalls set up where you can buy yourself souvenirs or maybe just get a henna tattoo or sit relax.
  • Sunsets: the Dubai desert safari is the perfect place you could view the breath-taking sight of the sunset. You could actually observe and see how the sky would change its color in order to achieve the beautiful azure color. You would be able to enjoy the beautiful shining stars by sitting under the clear sky.
  • Buffet dinner: Dubai desert safari tour also arranges a huge delicious buffet dinner for all of their guests. These buffet dinners include more than fifteen dishes and it also caters to the need of vegetarian people. You would find also of vegetarian options at the buffet that you can choose from. If you are accompanied by your little ones and are worried about their food then you should relax as there would be a lot of options at the Dubai desert safari camps to choose from.

Entertainment performances: Dubai desert safari camps are known for providing their customers with amazing entertainment performances which include the most famous belly-dancing, Tanoura dances, and the fire dances. You will be astonished to see all of the performances and will surely enjoy the show. For any other information or detail kindly contact https://www.skylandtourism.com/

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