What is the best way to travel to desert safari Dubai?

Dubai Desert Safari


A desert safari Dubai begins at the doorstep wherever you will be picked up by your safari guide. You’ll then be driven out of the town to the desert safari Dubai camp, usually within the Red Lahbab desert or the Dubai Conservation Reserve. At the desert safari Dubai, the first experience is sometimes a thrilling session of sand dune bashing in an exceedingly 4×4 – imagine Hummers, Land Cruisers and range Rovers.

Whereas you’re tucked safely in your 4×4, our skylandtourism.com professional driver will take you for an exhilarating ride over the sand dunes in what will only be described as a mild washing machine experience on a rollercoaster within the desert safari Dubai. At the camp, you’ll be able to participate in different desert safari Dubai adventure sports like dune buggy riding wherever you’ll be able to drive over the dunes in an exceedingly specially designed vehicle; quad biking and sand boarding, a sport that resembles snowboarding however on sandy desert dunes and volcano slopes. Whereas kids will get pleasure from these activities within the company of an adult, their absolute favorite attraction at a desert safari Dubai camp is camel riding. Some desert safari Dubai even has falconry where you’ll be able to experience the ancient tradition of falcon hunting.

As the sun sets, you may settle down for an evening of amusement and dinner. The dinner served at desert safari Dubai is sometimes 3-course buffet dinners with cuisines from round the world. Whereas you get pleasure from your dinner within the open desert air, local performers will showcase their wonderful belly and tanoura dance skills, bringing the evening to a close.


If a instance desert safari Dubai experience is what you are looking for, then an evening desert safari should be your head to choice. With experiences designed to provide you with an authentic desert feel, these safaris are the foremost popular desert safari Dubai’s. If you are looking to participate in adventure activities, watch ancient entertainment as you get pleasure from a lavish dinner, then evening desert safari Dubai are for you.


Head to the desert because the sun begins to rise and casts tall shadows across the desert landscape. Fresh from a night’s recovery, the desert in the morning is at its most gratifying, with good lighting and cool temperatures. From hot-air balloon expeditions and wildlife safaris to camel rides and quad biking within the desert, morning desert safari Dubai should undoubtedly be on your list of things to try to to in Dubai.


The relentless desert landscape, makes for a perfect setting for you to experience ancient desert safari Dubai activities like camel riding to modern adventure sports like quad biking, sand boarding, dune buggy riding, flat tire biking, horse riding, and hot air ballooning. If an exhilarating adrenaline-pumping experience is how you wish to remember the desert, then these adventure desert safaris Dubai are excellent for you. Dune bashing will be a rough roller coaster experience. Keep it in mind if you’re old, have a small kid or have any other health problems. Do listen to your SKYLANDTOURISM.COM experienced tourist instructor fastidiously while playing the activities, particularly the adventure ones to ensure you stay safe.

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