What is Desert Safari and How Can I Book a Desert Safari Dubai?

What is Desert Safari and How Can I Book a Desert Safari Dubai?

The desert of Dubai is less than an hour from the city and is an impressive place from which you can see the sunset. The desert safari is one of the most popular excursions among Dubai visitors. You cross the dunes up and down impressive slopes through a sea of reddish sand very characteristic of the desert landscape of Dubai.

Safari is a good option to spend an exciting day in the desert. It consists of crossing the imposing dunes and doing the activities in the desert camp such as a camel ride, a delicious barbecue dinner, and a beautiful Tanoura dance show. Every trip to the desert is a great adventure since you can fascinate yourself with the magnificent landscape of unique sands of the Arab Emirates 

 It is the most requested activity in Dubai by tourists, in this activity, 4×4 cars leave at different times of the day going up and down the desert dunes with a lot of speed. Below is detail about morning desert safari and evening desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari

Cross the dunes of the Dubai desert in a 4×4 and practice sand boarding in a unique landscape. Shoot your adrenaline and enjoy a whole morning in the desert. Travel around the plants and fauna of the Dubai desert at the time of morning light and bask in the beauty of the rolling sand dunes. A morning desert safari is a typical desert experience that must be enjoyed during the Dubai trip. And it is a particularly exclusive experience in the morning time.

Below is what you can enjoy in your Morning Dubai Desert Safari trip:

  • 4×4 dune attack experience with qualified driver
  • 30 minutes piloting your own ATV in the open desert
  • Camel ride and sand skiing activities.
  • Experience the majestic beauty of the desert-scape on a thrilling morning desert safari.
  • Traverse the expansive sand dunes in an adventurous 4×4.
  • Enjoy optional activities like camel rides, quad biking, and dune buggy rides.
  • Spend the morning away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • The morning desert safari promises great views and a tranquil desert experience.

Evening Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Do you want to sunset in the desert then you must spend your evening there and enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunset? Drive a buggy through the desert dunes. 3-course barbecue dinner under the desert stars is a must if you are going to spend your evening there.

You are likely to see camels in the desert in Dubai, why not experience riding one? They are recognized for being calm animals of the desert and the holder of camels will provide you instructions on how to ride the camel and things to keep in mind while riding. You should absolutely comprise the camel ride to your evening desert safari in Dubai.

Night of dunes and stars-Dubai offers you the best beauty of the night in every possible way, once the sun drops are prepared for a lovely night safari under the supervision of a trained guide who will ensure that they are at Except, so enjoy your ex-night excursion in the desert and the nocturnal species that you are most likely to see during this trip.

Enjoy spectacular views of the hypnotizing night sky telescope adorned with billions of stars in a star-watching experience like never before.

Can I Book the Dubai Desert Safari Online?

Yes, it is very easy to book Dubai Desert Safari Online. There are many travel companies which offer online booking of Dubai Desert Safari. Choosing the most suitable and renowned company for your travel arrangements is all you need. Skyland Tourism and its expert team can be the best possible option for you for desert safari in Dubai. This company has its own website; by going on its website you can book your Desert Safari Dubai online. Before book online you have to search the best package for you. You can get details of all packages on the site. On their website, they give complete information about what Dubai Desert Safari packages include and what facilities you will get in the selected tour packages.

So if you are planning to visit Dubai, make sure that you only choose Dubai Tour Company which is able to best tour packages at reasonable rates for instance- Skyland Tourism. Undoubtedly, this is going to be the best Dubai excursion in your entire life so far and you would be keen to pay a visit all over again after that.

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