Visit the World of Entertainment At Abu Dhabi City Tour

Visit the World of Entertainment At Abu Dhabi City Tour

City tours often become boring because we get tired after visiting all the places. We desire some entertainment to feel alive during a city tour. What do you expect from a city tour? Visit the historical places to know about their history, traditions, and culture of the city. Shopping malls to know about the trend and to buy a new variety of items. Beaches to chill and relax. Mosques to have some peace and to admire the architecture. Hotels to have some rest and to have food. Still, some fun is always missing during city tours. What if you get all this in one package and some entertainment as well? This package does exist. The package is the Abu Dhabi City Tour.

The Abu Dhabi city tour is unique in many ways. The tour includes all the beautiful places of Abu Dhabi like the Corniche beach, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Marina Mall, Emirates Palace hotel, Historical village and there is one special place which is full of adventures and exciting rides. Do you know what is that place? The place is Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi and it is the most special part of the Abu Dhabi city tour.

What is Ferrari World?

Ferrari world is an adventurous indoor theme park. It is full of exciting rides. If you are more of a venturous person and you want to have a good time with your family or friends or even alone then you should visit this place.

Why it is so famous?

It is famous because of so many things and this place has won so many awards. It has the fastest roller coaster which is famous for the name Formula Rossa. There are so many other crazy rides. The activities and rides are not just for kids. Families can also have a good time. Adults can also experience those activities. I believe we all are kids at heart so this is too much fun.

Family time

The family activities include motor midway games, tire change experience, tire twist, Benno’s great race, and much more. Have a good family time in the Ferrari world. I am sure you will love this place. I think it is so amazing to experience all this fun. Our life is so boring and we all crave happiness, entertainment and good family time. This trip is going to be unforgettable and you will not regret coming here.

Fast fun activities.

The other fun activities include the Scuderia challenge, Karting Academy, flying aces, Fiorano GT Challenge, Turbo Track, and much more. These all are very fast rides and they are insane. You will literally fall in love with them and I am sure you must have not experienced this before.

Ferrari world has so much to offer. There are not just crazy rides but different shows are also available. There are many seasonal events that take place at different times. You can dine in and you can even buy the latest collection available in the stores.


Ferrari World is a world of adventure, entertainment, and fun. The Abu Dhabi city tour is incomplete without the Ferrari world.

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