Top Tips Be A Happy First-Time Dubai Frame Visitor

Dubai Frame

Thinking about Dubai, people often get goosebumps about the endless adventure there. They simply love the idea of mesmerizing Dubai and its rich culture. This amazing city never lacks to surprise its regular visitors with something new mostly every year. It is like this place is related to immense innovation and technology yet keeping up with every Arab tradition. Dubai is itself an accomplishment, but still, it keeps on developing and never holds itself from surprising travelers.

If you are planning your first visit to this dream city, we would like to congratulate you on one of the best vacations of your life. Glam, glitz and lavish, these are some of the words you can use to define this holiday spot. World’s largest malls, extravagant shopping experience, desert safari, innovative skyscrapers, and Dhow Cruise, would hardly leave you less entertained while on a vacation in Dubai. But, have you heard about Dubai Frame yet? Do not worry, we have got you covered with all the necessary information about this beautiful Dubai Frame.

Basic Information About Dubai Frame In Zabeel Park

This exclusive landmark is welcoming its visitors with open arms from the last 2 years in Zabeel Park. People love the idea of Dubai doing great every time with its every new addition to its skyline. This is definitely a must-see place and getting a picture by the world’s largest picture frame. This frame is also known as Berwaz Dubai and is 152 meters tall and 93 meters wide. This is not just a frame for one, but it is enormous enough to frame the whole dream city Dubai. This amazing construction was initiated in the year 2013 and it took 5 fine years for its development to come to an end. Gazing through its panoramic views is simply awesome as it gives a 360-degree vantage point of visibility. See Deira’s old town, Arabian desert & its vast dunes and of course, intriguing Dubai Marina. Dubai Frame is surely one of a kind innovations around the globe, based in beautiful Dubai.

Glass Bridge To Set Onto

That artistic clear glass bridge is simply class and connects two towers of the frame, forming it into a picture shape. You ought to experience that exhilarating feeling you will get while you step onto this glass bridge. Feel like you are in the air and enjoying the fresh breeze, still, you need to feel nervous about it. This glass is entirely cracked-proof with the highest quality material to ensure the safety of visitors.

Go Deeper To Get An Immersive Experience

Visiting and getting a chance to witness a gallery of Dubai Frame is an experience of different levels. Projections, videos, audios, and presentations are there to keep travelers interested in the gallery. Besides, to make them, even more, intrigued, there is a Vortex tunnel guided by the Virtual Metropolis.

Pack Your Bags To Visit Dubai Frame

To your surprise, this entire project cost over AED 160 million. This innovative masterpiece is clearly a sign that Dubai has a lot in the store for its enthusiastic travelers and residents to enjoy and get amazed by, in the upcoming future. So, plan your trip to Dubai before a new project is done and there is an addition to Dubai’s tourist attractions. Till then just wait and keep an eye on Dubai’s next breathtaking construction.

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