Top Best Desert Safari Tourism in Dubai

Top Best Desert Safari Tourism in Dubai

A visit to Dubai would be incomplete without a drive through the deserts. What better way to experience the thrill of the dunes and the life of the nomads, than to embark on a Dubai desert safari that is sure to literally take your breath away.

Many tour Companies offer a range of Dubai desert safari experiences to suit your needs and purse. The Morning safari is for those who have a packed itinerary but nevertheless want to experience the thrill of a lifetime. This safari takes you into the desert in four wheel drive vehicles dune bashing all the way till you reach the camps. At the camps, visitors have the opportunity to engage in camel rides, quad biking and sand skiing. None of these activities are for the faint of heart.

The evening Dubai desert safari however is the most popular and best recommended and is the ideal choice if you want the whole experience. The drive in the desert takes you bashing across the dunes and stops to take in the sun set which is spectacular as the sun rays light up the sand. Once you reach the camps, sand boarding and camel rides await as well as henna designs for your hands and feet. After working up an appetite a delicious barbeque meal awaits you as you sit back and enjoy the dinner and watching the belly dancers entertains you.

An overnight Dubai desert safari affords a similar experience together with being able to enjoy the stars, sights and sounds of the desert overnight as you sleep in sleeping bags in the camp. Breakfast too is provided.

The picturesque desert scene itself is reason enough to go along with the safari and have an Arabic experience you don’t want to miss out on. The desert camp is certainly a bonus and one which will stay in your mind for a long time. If you plan on visiting and want to be ensured of luxury travel with one of the best Dubai travel packages then be sure to register and book with a reputed travel and tour company such as who are able to offer a vast array of Luxury Holidays with their special holiday packages.

Get your family and friends here; think highly of the sunrise and sunset, the blazing heat of the arid region’s sun. Explore the rarest natural world in the Dubai desert safari, click uncountable pictures, allow, and take pleasure in the generosity of the desert citizens. Your Dubai desert safari tour experience will be truly unforgettable one. One can also personify his safari trip, since this kind of service is also available, in line with one’s needs, interest or his exploratory will. Whatever he has thought for his desert safari trip, there are the choices available. Visualize yourself where you do (more or less) what you wished to do, cherish yourself with a nice holiday the way you had dreamt of while you were a child. They will always be there with camel, car & bus rentals, to pamper your desires of adventure, while assuring safety and a really memorable time to spent.

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