Dubai Tours: Things To Know Before Visiting Dubai


Dubai Tours: Things To Know Before Visiting Dubai

Dubai is known as the city of life. This is because of the amazing life it offers to its visitor. The tourists of Dubai never slows down. This city is crowded with tourists throughout the year. These people come for tourism purposes only. The city welcomes millions of tourists every year on their Dubai tours. There are a lot of misperceptions and confusion that you might have in your head before visiting this place, so don’t worry we are here to clear out all of your doubts and confusion.

1. There’s so much more than Skyscrapers in Dubai:

No doubt, Dubai is the most famous because of its amazing skyscrapers but it has so much more to do other than that. Head to souks in the Dubai Creek, which is the original heart of the city. It is the best place to look out for gold even if you are not buying it. Here you can have a look at turquoise trinkets from Iran, silver treasures from Oman, and Saudi Arabian dates.

2. The food is delicious:

The food in Dubai is satisfyingly delicious. Due to its diverse culture, Dubai has food for people from all parts of the world. In the Bur Dubai, you can have an opportunity to try Iranian, Filipino, Yemeni, Bangladeshi, Pakistani as well as Indian food, and even Afghan food. Moreover, Fry Pan adventures offer some amazing foodie tours. You don’t have to worry about food here in Dubai!

3. No restrictions on dress code:

Yes, you heard me right. Dubai does not have any restrictions over the dress code. You can whatever you feel like except in the holy month of Ramzan. There’s no need to cover your head even except for visiting mosques if you have that in your Dubai tour package.

4. You might need a cover-up:

The malls in Dubai are very chill due to which you would need a cover-up to cover yourself. You will also need one if you are planning to visit the Grand Jumeirah Mosque on your Dubai tours.

5. Transportation is cheap:

Transportation in Dubai is cheaper. The Metro is the cheapest mode of traveling in Dubai but most of the locations are at an inconvenient location. To solve this issue, you can book a cab which would not be much expensive. All you have to do is talk nicely and tip the driver!

6. The spas in Dubai are amazing:

Spas in Dubai are really cool. Don’t go into the spas in the malls they are only good for a mani-pedi. If you’re looking for a luxurious and relaxing experience then look out for spas in the luxurious hotels. They might be pricey but are totally worth it. Moreover, there are on-going discounts on these places in the summertime.

7. It’s really hot when it’s HOT:

The temperature in the summertime is really hot in Dubai and by hot I mean really very hot. It reaches around 55 degrees in the daytime. It is best to visit this city between November and March for a soothing and relaxing experience.

So if you are thinking to book your Dubai tours, these are the basic things that you need to know before visiting. For more information, visit:

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