The King of Desert Safari

Have A Very Memorable Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Enormous amount of sand dunes and your jeep racing between the endless horizon.. Sounds amazing right…? If you are searching for such a great experience and adventure, then you have  arrived at right place..

So let’s start with what is desert safari and why DUBAI DESERT SAFARI is an essential in your adventure list…?

Whenever you hear the name of safari it’s just animals and forest or sand dunes surrounding   your imagination but safari is surely a lot more than just the sand or greenery .It’s about  the feeling when an  animal crosses your jeep and your heart skips a beat .It’s about having your favorite drink amidst  the powerful and dangerous animals ready to tear you apart .It’s about racing with an unbeatable leopard in his own territory…It’s about the passion in you to explore …

Dubai is the most renowned part of U.A.E popularly known as UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   situated in the Southeast Coast …It is known for the famous BURJ KHALIFA but DUBAI DESERT SAFARI is quite adventurous and is totally engrossing and if you are passionate about exploring new places then, DUBAI DESERT SAFARI  should surely be in your top list…

You can drive your jeep amidst   the loads of sand dunes in Dubai and could even ask for a henna tattoo that would surely not cost you much. You can even enjoy the camel ride and if you are lucky enough you could even meet a belly dancer eager to share the stage with you.


  1. DUBAI SAFARI PARK: The most eco friendly park in Dubai earlier known as DUBAI JUMERIAH ZOO is located on AL WAQRA 5 ON HATTA ROAD having more than 2500 animals of more than 250 species .If you are an environmentalist, you would be delighted to know that this park is totally fueled up with solar energy .This park is in itself a huge hub for tourists having a lot more in it to explore and to make a memory for life.
  2. Camel trek: Camel trek is another tourist attraction in DUBAI DESERT SAFARI as you can act like an extremely rich sheikh having camel as your guide eager to show you the sunset from the highest sand dune and to have a few rounds of drink with you.
  3. Henna tattoos: Famous for henna tattoos Dubai DESERT SAFARI has attracted a lot more attention by the tourist especially the girl’s gang .You can have your customized tattoo.

Sand ski: You can even ski on your favorite board without having a fear of getting hurt .It’s a must to do for all the tourists as it will be the most adventurous memory of yours to boast about               and yes don’t go without a camera because there would be endless moments you want to capture not just in your eyes and memories but with you forever and ever… So all the best readers to enjoy your stay in Dubai and for the DUBAI DESERT SAFARI

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