Some OF The New Things To Do During Dubai Tour

Some OF The New Things To Do During Dubai Tour

Are you a resident of Dubai and tired of the same old places to visit? Then don’t worry; we are here to let you know some of the new places in Dubai’s hype for you to visit. These places are also good for people who are willing to have fun on their Dubai tour.

1. Dubai’s Latest Attraction- Quranic Park:

This is a newly established park in New Dubai. The specialty of this park is that it depicts the scenarios and events mentioned in the Quran, in this park. It has also built a garden where all the trees and plants mentioned in the Holy Quran are planted. This park is designed to give a better understanding of Islam and the Holy Quran. It also shows how you can cure some diseases with some plants’ help, as mentioned in the Quran. This park uses 3d effects to depict several historical events. This park is a must-see place on your Dubai tour, whether you’re a Muslim or a non-practitioner.

2. Dubai’s Brand New Hotel- Studio One Hotel:

This newly-made hotel in Dubai is offering introductory deals and discounts for people checking-in in this new hotel. They have a wide variety of dining outlets for you to take advantage of. You can also take advantage of some other facilities at this hotel, even if you’re not a guest there. You can dive into the amazing swimming pool, get styled at the amazing salon, or you can go to the amazing gym round the clock. You should definitely visit this place on your Dubai tour.

3. New Al Barsha Hotel:

You can play several board games at Unwind Café, the first specialty board game café in Dubai. It has around 500 board games and plenty of Game Masters to help you in understanding the game. This café was built with a purpose to bring together old friends and family to play a board game and get out of the digital world. This place is also a great place to go with your friends on your Dubai tour to mesmerize the old and golden days of our lives.

4. Try out Tasha’s Café:

This café is located at Dubai Marina Mall and has a place to accommodate hundreds of residents and tourists willing to visit this place. It has an amazing interior for you to explore. The menu has a wide variety of food. You can have plenty of dishes to choose from on your breakfast at this café. It also has plenty of options for your main course. It would help if you tried this place on your Dubai tour.

5. Dine in at Masterchef Café in Dubai:

This café will make you feel like you are on TV as you dine-in in this restaurant. This restaurant offers the dishes which the finalists and contestants of Masterchef made at the Masterchef show. This restaurant is located at Millennium Place Marina. This place is a must-go place for people willing to try something new and amazing on their Dubai tour.

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