Desert Safari Dubai – life’s Most Pleasurable Moments

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai – life’s Most Pleasurable Moments

I had booked a tour of Dubai through one of the tour operators. I participated in many different tours during my stay in Dubai, and the one I enjoyed the most is desert safari Dubai. I wish to share my experience during this safari program.

I was picked up from my hotel in the afternoon by a 4 wheel drive jeep. The driver seemed quite friendly, and I was quite excited about stepping onto desert sands. We drove for a while, maybe around 45 minutes, and then I could see vast stretches of desert land.

The driver stepped out of the vehicle, deflated the tires of the jeep, asked us to fasten our seat belts and told us to prepare for the safari. He drove into the desert, and I was amazed and thrilled by the way these jeeps pounced onto one dune after another. Each golden coloured dune was conquered with much ease, and this definitely was achieved since the driver was a very well experienced safari driver. This roller coaster ride was immensely thrilling and shall be remembered by me a lifetime. The jeep also stopped for a while at a camel farm and a sunset point, when I managed to click a few snaps of myself in the midst of the desert.

The jeep set off again, and we in the jeep were dropped off at a desert camp.

Once again, I was stunned to see a beautifully decorated, illuminated camp in the middle of a desert during. I first refreshed myself with some welcome drinks and snacks and then jumped onto a camel for the first ever-camel ride of my life. Sitting atop the camel, I managed to view distant dunes. I then continued to explore the numerous activities outlined in the camp. Firstly, I got my hands painted with some lovely traditional Arabic designs and then tried smoking some. Also, had some fun sand skiing and quad biking, the two special activities that can be done in the desert. As I quenched my thirst with some soft drinks, I enjoyed a very graceful Egyptian dance performed by a male dancer. This dance is performed with some special lighting effects and is really worth watching.

I managed to buy some tiny souvenirs for my friends back home from the shops in the camp and then as I grew hungry, feasted myself with some tasty good food from the buffet dinner served at the camp. The buffet had many dishes including salads, starters, barbeque grille food and some mouth smacking hatta mountain safari desert. As I sat back, tasting the desserts, Arabic songs played, and a beautiful belly dancer appeared from nowhere and danced gracefully. After a while, I got into the jeep and returned to my hotel.


• Enjoy a thrilling overnight desert safari with return hotel transfers from Dubai
• Take in the spectacular golden desert landscape as you ride the dunes in a comfortable 4X4 vehicle
• Tuck into a three-course bar be cue buffet dinner at the camp while enjoying live entertainment
• Get a henna tattoo, try out traditional Arabic dresses and enjoy a camel ride
• Watch belly-dancing and smoke a flavoured
• Enjoy the beauty of the desert at sunset and sleep under the stars at a Bedouin campsite
• Discover the beauty and customs of the Bedouin tradition on this Dubai desert safari
• Take in the breathtaking mountain scenery and peaceful solitude of the Hatta Mountains
• An English-speaking guide will be at your service

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