How To Have Fun On Your Trip to Dubai?

How To Have Fun On Your Trip to Dubai?

Dubai is a place with ultra-modern buildings, traditions, and cultures. Dubai is a fascinating city and heaven for travelers from all over the world. Here is the guide to the most amazing places to visit, to eat and to stay on your trip to Dubai.

Five essential things to do in Dubai:

Every place has its blockbuster places for its visitors. Dubai too is full of the world’s best attractions. It has a place for every kind of person. Here are the few things that you should not miss on your trip to Dubai.

1. Get amazed by the tallest building Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is, however, the tallest building of the world. It has the best luxurious architecture in the world. It is one of the best places to visit on your trip to Dubai accompanying your friends and families. It has around 145 floors. The ticket to this place is expensive, but the view of the city from this building is totally worth the price. You can also have lunch hanging in the air on the Sky Lounge, which is also one of the best things to do on your trip to Dubai.

2. Shop it all at Dubai Mall:

This is also the world’s biggest mall situated in the heart of Dubai just opposite to Burj Khalifa. This place is a complete package. It has an aquarium, a route to the entrance of Burj Khalifa, an ice rink, Sonic theme park, cinemas, and a great food court. Apart from this, it has some of the best brands of the world making it the ultimate shopping destination for the shopaholics.

3. A Walk to Remember at Marina:

Marina Walk is the prettiest place in Dubai. The colorful lights from the apartments shine on the water canal making it shine. The walkway of Marina contains restaurants, cafes make it an amazing place for an evening walk. This walk will light up your mood in every way possible.

4. Astonish at the Burj Al Arab:

Burj al Arab is a 7-star luxury hotel. This hotel contains the most expensive dinner and drinks. This hotel is the best place to stay in Dubai. Watching the sunset from this hotel is the best thing to do on your trip to Dubai.

5. Watch the dancing fountains beneath Burj Khalifa:

It is the best free thing to watch in Dubai. The dancing fountain show is the most amazing thing to see on your trip to Dubai. The fountains display a synchronized dance show for all of its visitors. This show happens twice a day. Once in the morning than in the evening. This show happens outside the Dubai Mall and gives relief to the people watching it. People feel amazed watching this show after their shopping at Burj Khalifa.

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