Experience the desert safari with adventurous fun Activities

Experience desert safari with adventurous fun Activities

Experience the desert safari with adventurous fun Activities

Whether you’re a nature lover or an adventurist, wanting to enjoy an exhilarating vary of morning desert safari activities, and visiting daytime in the Dubai desert will never let your expectations down. Desert Safari is ideal for clients who do not have the evening out there or are a lot fascinated by the morning dune dashing.

Exclusive Morning Desert Safari

Being the simplest time to experience the amazing desert landscape, a morning desert safari is epic and refreshing in every manner.

Firstly, the tour continues with a lot of fun activities like image snaps in the desert, Sand Boarding, and camel rides, etc. If your bookings are confirmed, you’ll have an exclusive Morning desert hunting expedition Vehicle. The driver will pick you at the time of your convenience from your hotel.

Our car picks you up in the morning around 9 am and takes you straight to the morning desert safari. Wherever you’ll be able to get pleasure from our awful dunes bashing and the camp where you’ll strive 30 minutes Quad biking, camel ride, and sandboarding. Then we will provide water and soft drinks refreshment. Then we head back and drop you at your hotel.

Some of the  exciting features of morning desert safari are listed below:

Get into the sand dunes with amazing Dune Buggies

If you want to cherish thrilling and fun activities, Dune Bashing is the most loved one in the entire Dubai trip. Drive along the famous red sand on a comfortable 4WD vehicle. You can take part in a thrilling activity like Quad Bike rides with an exhilarating drive through the dazzling sand of Dubai. Dune buggies are stripped-down vehicles custom made especially for dunes.

Hammer Rides In Sand

It is a fantasy sport in Dubai. Our expertise will show you a new desert world with the ride of  Hammer. It is the most famous Safari rides in Dubai. As your thrill reaches to peak when you go up and down on the rolling dunes of sand.

Revering Camel Safari And Ride In Hot Balloon

You also go for Camel Rides on beautiful sandy land. Camels are generally pretty animals. Moreover, camel racing is a new attraction for tourists that shows local Emirati culture and captures the sunset photos in their camera. Sunrise balloon rides in the Dubai desert feel like flying a bird in the sky. You will observe the desert culture in a desert village and camel farms.

Sandboarding: Incredible Experience with sand

Enjoy the fascinating and exciting sandboarding in the Dubai desert. It is full of fun and thrill. You can enjoy it here throughout the year. From the top of the dunes, you slide over the sand just as you do on snow with heartbreaking elation.

Camping In The Desert

Night Safari in Dubai is also the most miserable Desert Safari where you can explore an unforgettable family vacation and discover a world of new wisdom.

Payout your night in the Arabian Desert with Tanoura, Belly dance show, BBQ Buffet dinner and spend your night inside a traditional Arabic Tent. Explore the Arabian Desert in the night sky and capture some beautiful lifelong memories of the night sandy desert. Try out Henna Designs, Traditional Costumes and feel the sound of wind striking to sand is calm at night.

Marvelous Dubai Desert Safari

Enjoy the best Arabian Adventures Desert Safari with us and witness the unique culture of the Arabian city. Dubai desert tour is an add-on that offers a comprehensive dimension with leisure. Live your beautiful morning with a Morning Desert safari. It is just perfect for tourists with time-crunch.

Admire the morning desert safari Dubai with its distinctive and beautiful desert flora and fauna. Before you select a 45-minute, adventurous dune bash across the mysterious dunes of Dubai during a powerful vehicle. Take in the incomparable expanse of golden sands that stretch go into each direction throughout your exciting 4X4 drive.

That’s not all, you’ll even be ready to expertise the authentic Emirati culture and traditions with a visit to our Bedouin-inspired site.

Book your Dubai travel packages with Skyland tourism today.

Get ready to apprehend an entire world of astonishing opportunities. Moreover, our experts design great desert adventure journeys that permit you are doing what you actually like to enjoy!


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