Dubai Miracle Garden : The Power of The Flower

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is stand-out in the region and on the planet for such a one of a kind display and unique outdoor recreational place. Dubai Natural Garden in its first stage is giving best-in-class services and offices. These includes open parking, VIP parking, sitting territories, prayer room, ablution facility, toilet blocks, security room, carts for disabled visitors, medical aid room, retails and business stand and all other related services accessible to encourage guests.

A Region of Flowers:

A universe of floral marvel anticipates you at Dubai Miracle Garden – the world’s biggest flower garden. The 72,000sqm park has a fantastic line-up of famous buildings and structures changed into brilliant flower displays.

Walk down the heart-formed pathway, a mainstream spot for Instagrammers, or wander amid flower strongholds with lit up nightscapes and full-size houses. You can inundate yourself among more than 50 million sprouting flowers all through the various displays. There are many attractions to see, with a gigantic assortment of quirky and alternative arrangements.

The dazzling ‘floating lady’ wearing intriguing flowers is an absolute necessity see. Just as a walking track that highlights everyday amusement, including marches, street entertainers and other family-accommodating exercises. The stunning Butterfly Garden is another first visit, lodging 15,000 butterflies in nine uniquely assembled arches. Make sure you prepare ahead as the park regularly closes throughout the late spring while new displays are remodeled or introduced.


Each season, Dubai Miracle Garden moves itself to cut an extraordinary spot in the hearts of guests with amazing visuals and an encounter that they make sure to impart to loved ones. Emirates AED 380:

This wonder has taken root at the heart of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Dubai Miracle Garden has teamed with Emirates Airlines to construct the world’s largest floral installation. There are 500,000 flowers and living plants decorated on the plane. It is the most massive structure ever built in the Garden and also set a new Guinness World Record for “World’s largest flower structure”.

Mickey Mouse:

The Walt Disney Company has teamed with the Dubai Miracle Garden to design the magnificent 18-meter high Mickey Mouse floral structure. It has almost 100,000 plants and flowers, weighs nearly 35 tons, and is supported by a 7-ton steel structure.

Disney Avenue:

Disney avenue allows the visitors to enjoy Disney’s most iconic characters “Mickey Mouse and friends” in the beautiful floral display.

Big Teddy Bear:

This teddy bear has a height of almost 12-meter and consists of thousands of plants and flowers. It is one of the newest attractions in the Garden. The bear is holding a heart that spreads the message of love and harmony.

There are many other attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden other than these which also include hilltop and lost paradise etc.

Don’t miss the chance to visit this beautiful Garden with thousands and thousands of flowers. It also attempts to achieve the 4th Guinness World Record this year. Watch out for new exciting themes and experiences that are surely not to be missed.

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