Desert Safari Dubai with Skyland Tourism at Best Price

Dubai Desert Safari

 Desert Safari Dubai with Skyland Tourism at Best Price

A typical desert safari begins with the designated driver alternative you up in a 4×4 from the place of your stay at an enduring time in the morning. You are then driven past the city to the entirely dissimilar surroundings of the Arabian Desert Safari Dubai. More often than not, the camp lies in the Red Lahbab desert or the Dubai preservation Reserve. The morning dune bashing begins with a dune bashing sitting. In fact, you are taken on a fun roller coaster hurry ride up and down the dunes by the specialist driver of your vehicle.

The Delightful Desert Safari Camp

This is followed by other fun performances at the good-looking desert camp. Sandboarding is a lot of fun as it lets you trip on the sand mounds using aboard. Next, you can ride a dune stroller under the guidance of your tour direct. One of the most charming morning activity alternatives is the hot air balloon ride. From 4,000 feet above the desert safari floor, the landscape of the astonishing desert safari is absolutely mesmerizing. Camel ride, of course, is a total favorite with kids and adults alike. Also, Spotting rare plants and flora and fauna is also a high point of this Dubai desert safari. Watching the galloping gazelles and Arabian Oryxes in their usual habitat is on a wildlife desert safari quite an experience.

The morning is full of escapade and fun, a thrilling breakfast (depending on the chosen option) awaits you. There is a diversity of global and local preparations along with the beverages. You can indulge by hand trying out the lavish spread. This would bring to a close your daring trip to the desert, and you would be securely driven back to the put of your stay.

Morning Dune Bashing Experience

  • Start your journey with the adrenalin-pumping dune bashing session in a 4×4 motor vehicle.
  • Have fun annoying out sandboarding as you strap on a board and slide down the enormous desert safari dunes.
  • Go for a camel ride.

Experience the well-known camel ride.

  • Live the true Arabic knowledge in the sole Bedouin-style campsite.
  • You are taken to the grand landscape of Lahbab desert safari to experience the most exciting dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle.
  • You get ample opportunities to capture the dramatic beauty of the desert safari in your camera.
  • A light snack waits at the site as you bring to a close your astonishing desert safari experience.
  • Drop back to your respective stay

Camel Ride Dubai

  • Understanding how people of the desert safari traveled in ancient times across the desert safari as you go onboard on a guided camel Ride Dubai.
  • Ride the “Ship of the desert” and learn why these are the means of transportation in such surroundings.
  • With guides obtainable to ensure your understanding goes without a hitch, you will have a lovely familiarity at the desert safari.

Quad Bike Safari

  • Bask in the soft beam rays of the morning sun while the sand is still cold from last night. Enjoy the ordinary beauty.
  • You will be out in the open to fun and venture with the opening dune bashing experience in a land vessel.
  • Learn the illusion of Quad biking through trained guides and get time to seek it on your own.
  • You have the alternative to request other fun performances.
  • Complimentary transfers for ease of convenience.

Book your Desert Safari with Skyland

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