Come to Discover Abu Dhabi the gem of Arabia with us

Come to Discover Abu Dhabi, the gem of Arabia, with us.

An Overview of Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Also known famously as the ‘Gem of Arabia.’ It is the second most crowded city in the area. A focal point of political, social, and tourists and cultural activities for the Abu Dhabi City Tour. This is because of it being the capital city. A large number of tourists from around the globe visit Abu Dhabi each year.

Abu Dhabi City Tour enables you to explore the magnificence of the Arab capital. It is a one-time experience for you to see the mix of rich Arabian culture and have incredible adrenaline-filled adventures.

Here are some of the famous places you can visit on the Abu Dhabi City Tour.

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

With Skyland tourism, you can go on the Abu Dhabi City Tour in the Half-Day and the Full-Day city tours. In the booth visits, you can see the beautiful views of the skyscrapers in the city. The Abu Dhabi City Tour is the most famous attraction is the much celebrated “Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque.” It is the largest and most famous Mosque in the United Arab Emirates.

You can also visit the ‘souks.’ This word is Arabic for the Marketplace. You can purchase very famous Arabic dates and beautifully hand-crafted things. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Ferrari world in your Abu Dhabi City Tour.

The Mangrove National Park

In your Abu Dhabi City Tour, you have to go and experience Abu Dhabi’s most famous Park. A park about which most people don’t know about– the Mangrove National Park.

This immaculate stretch of wilderness has a startling abundance of plants and animals. These include turtles, heron, flamingos, a few types of fish, and a lot more. The opportunity to experience this wonderful region utilizing a kayak offers you the chance to get somewhat nearer. It is an eco-friendly experience, as well. So that’s a win-win!

Your kayak journeys will take around two hours.

Cruise in Abu Dhabi

On the off chance that you would love the possibility of a cruise trip, the Abu Dhabi City Tour would be perfect for you! Come Cruise n’ Dip in Abu Dhabi with Skyland tourism.

This two-hour trip leaves from the Yas Marina (the takeoff points for some crises and home to some truly awesome personal yachts).

You will get to voyage around for some time. After that, the cruse is stopped by the dropping of the anchor so that you can enjoy some leisure swimming in the beautiful water.

There’s additionally a lot of comfortable seating for you to loosen up when you’re finished swimming. You will be provided with food and entertainment on the cruise, but you can also bring your own. There is another option of the ‘Sunset cruise.’ Where you can enjoy the beautiful breathtaking sunset.

Enjoy the best deals on the Abu Dhabi tour with Skyland tourism during Dubai Holidays.

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