Best Desert Safari Dubai Company With Affordable Price

Skyland Tourism Provide Best Tours In Dubai

Best Desert Safari Dubai Company With Affordable Price

Dubai is famous for its excellent line-up of fun activities and shops till you drop experiences that attract thousands of tourists from across the globe. But amongst all these entertainment activities, if we were to pick one that truly captures this city’s essence, it is the Dubai Desert Safari. We don’t know of anyone who has been to Dubai and has not done that! So if you are planning a trip to Dubai anytime soon, this article will add some value to your travel plan. So go ahead and give it a read!

We will give you an overview of what all is in store for you at the Dubai Desert safari while picking up some of the best Desert Safari Companies that are guaranteed to give you the best experience at an affordable price.


Well, there are dedicated tours of Desert Safaris that have an exciting line-up of activities and experiences. You can opt for a morning, evening, or overnight desert safari. While people might be of the notion, that morning safaris could be hot and sultry. But opposing the belief, desert mornings are nice and cool. Moreover, morning safaris have particular hot air balloon rides, which are not part of the evening safari. The other activities include cruising the dunes that allows you to witness some dramatic desert scenery and wildlife, sandboarding, quad biking, dune buggy, etc. You can even experience live performances and a luxurious dinner under the moon-lit sky or a scrumptious breakfast. (if you choose a morning safari).

The best Safari in Dubai

You leave the busy city life following and head out straight to the heavenly land of best desert safari Dubai in a 4×4 vehicle. The journey will allow you to witness some dramatic desert safari scenery, rare birds, and wildlife and experience fun performance. You will have enough time to unhurried cover all this while the desert safari is still relatively cool. Once you are through with all the thrilling desert activities, a luxurious breakfast awaits you to pamper your gastronomical appetite. You can get back to your place of wait and are free to spend the rest of the day as per your plan.

The evening Safari

A lot of people opt for the evening desert safari as one assumes that morning safaris can get too hot. Opposing to the belief desert mornings are pretty nice and cool. The angled rays of the sun are not so harsh. It also gives you sufficient time to enjoy the desert safari activities in ample sunlight. On the other give, evening desert safaris begin in the late afternoon when it’s motionless sweltering. Morning desert safaris also give you the chance to spot some rare wildlife like Arabian onyxes and gazelle class. You shall also be grateful for and enjoy the tranquillity of the desert far more with a lesser number of tourists around you. You can eat like a king to your heart’s content at mealtime, which is part of this desert safari.


The cool morning desert safari presents the perfect chance to partake in a plethora of desert activities. A typical morning safari begins with the well-known dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle of the choice you make. The expert driver drives over the shifting sand mounds giving you an adrenalin rush! After this exciting ride, you have options to enjoy more activities like sandboarding, quad biking, dune buggy driving, and hot air balloon ride, etc. The golden glow of the sand and ample sunlight gives you an outstanding opportunity to capture the beauty of the desert safari through your camera.


A lavish spread of Dinner often follows the Dubai desert safari next to a wide variety of standard worldwide dishes, many local delicacies like Rgaag with egg, an Arabic bread and egg preparation; Balaleet (sweet noodles) and pancakes, called Chbaab are also served for breakfast. Arabic coffee is quite well-liked, as well. You can enjoy the first meal of the day with no guilt as you have the entire day to burn it off!

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