AL AIN CITY TOUR : The Incredibly Beautiful Green City of UAE

AL AIN CITY TOUR: The Incredibly Beautiful Green City of UAE

The Seven Emirates which UAE consists of is all about beauty and uniqueness. UAE has all the places and aspects which are necessary to have in a country. This country is blessed with all kinds of natural resources and also with the people who are ready to work on these natural resources creatively so that they can take the best out of these places. Among all these seven emirates the city of Al Ain is the one which plays a major role in making UAE beautiful. Why not will a place look beautiful if it’s all covered by greenery?

Green city of UAE:

The city of Al Ain is called as the green city of UAE. Do you know what does green city means? It means a city which is all covered up by greenery and by greenery I mean plantation. Why not a city will look beautiful if it is all covered up by plants and trees everywhere? A person who books their deal for the Al Ain city tour can get an experience of exploring the greenery of Al Ain and which is I guess the best experience one could ever have.  This city is all about the greenery and places. I talked about the greenery above but I still have not talked about the places you will get to visit in your Al Ain City Tour. Let’s talk about those places below.

Places to visit in Al Ain Tour: Al Ain is a city which is full of unique and amazing places, people know that it is a very underrated city of UAE but still if it comes to beauty then this city proves to be the best beautiful place among all the beautiful ones. Let’s talk about all the famous places that will be a part of the Al Ain city tour below:

Al-Ain National Museum:

If anyone wants to explore the cultural elements of Al Ain in their Al Ain City tour then a visit to Al Ain national museum is a must one.

Al-Ain Palace:

This museum represents the lifestyle of the king and its family when they used to live here at this palace.

Camel Market:

Camel Markets in the city of Al Ain are the best ones. A huge variety of camels can be seen here. You can come to this place for two purposes, one is to purchase camels and the second is for seeing camel rides here. If you want to get an experience of seeing a camel ride in your Al Ain city tour then this place is a must-visit.

Al Jahili Fort:

This fort shows all the cultural and historical elements of Al Ain. This fort is a very old fort and tells a lot about the history of Al Ain.

Al Ain Zoo:

This zoo this very famous in the city of Al Ain having all kinds of animals within it.

Al Ain shopping mall:

This mall is very huge and has all the modern shopping facilities and products in it. Anyone who loves shopping should definitely visit this place in their Al Ain city tour.

The places mentioned above are must-visit places in your Al Ain City tour. Book your deal at

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